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5 Tips for a Safe Long Drive or Road Trip in Sunnyvale

If you’ve been raring to go on that much-deserved family vacation, friends-only road trip, or just a small long drive down that big stretch of road with yourself and your trusty old car, then this is probably the sign you’ve been waiting for—just go. However, since we’re on the topic of road trips, it’s still better to have at least a little bit of prep before you go.

We’ve rounded up five tips for a safe long drive in Sunnyvale

1. But first, your basic needs.

Your body needs a good deal of taking care of, too. Make sure to eat and drink plenty if you’re not sure whether there are rest stops on the way. Bring some snacks with you (just make sure they’re easy to open and not too hard to eat while driving). If you’re lucky you might just encounter a drive-thru on the road, just don’t count on it.

2. Take a break every once in a while.

If you’ve been driving for hours straight, your muscles and arms might be feeling a little strained already. Find the nearest rest stop and just get out of your car to stretch. A breath of fresh air wakes you up and makes you feel energized.

3. Don’t drink and drive. We’ll repeat this again: don’t drink and drive.

This is common sense already, but since some people don’t seem to have enough of it (we hope you’re not one of them): don’t drink and drive. Don’t risk it by drinking ‘just a little’. Just avoid it if you’re driving long distances.

4. Stock up on knowledge, too.

Familiarize yourself with where you’re going. Bring some maps if necessary, if your car doesn’t have GPS. Ask friends and family for driving directions and if you’re going somewhere new, it’s best not to go alone. Leave early so you’ll have better chances of arriving at your destination before it gets dark.

5. Fill your tank!

Make sure your tank’s filled with gas before you leave! It’s highly likely that there are dozens of gas stations along the way (especially if you’re passing by interstates and expressways), but if you want to get to your destination quicker, it’s better to be prepared. That includes a tank full of fuel.

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5 Tips for a Safe Long Drive or Road Trip in Sunnyvale

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