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Transporting a heavy load is by no means a simple task, whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself at. From ‘lighter’ heavy-duty loads (SUVs, RVs) to the heaviest of the heavy (other tow trucks, construction vehicles), shifting your load will be tough going. Let Towing Sunnyvale and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates make it easy for you.

The Difference Between Heavy And Light Duty Towing

The biggest difference between Light Duty Towing and heavy duty towing is of course weight. Most vehicles are not manufactured to tow extreme weights, so there’s no use trying to tow an RV with a coupe.
You need experience when it comes to towing heavy loads. You can’t simply hitch the load to even a sturdy vehicle and hit the highway. You need to know how that load will react to movement and the intricacies of the road. Experience goes a long way but so do the right tools. If you want to tow the heaviest of loads you need the right tools, the right equipment, and the right setup. Towing Sunnyvale has all of this and more.

We Are Sunnyvale’s Most Reliable Provider

When you’ve got a large load to shift, you don’t want to be waiting around all day for the tow company to turn up. Choose Towing Sunnyvale and you won’t find yourself waiting. If you’ve prearranged a time and date to transport your load, we’ll be there right on time. If you need an emergency tow, we’ll have a tow truck operator out to you fast, even at night, on the weekend, or during public holidays.
Simply call our 24-hour dispatcher and we’ll be on our way!

Take Advantage of Our Local Knowledge

One of the huge benefits of choosing Towing Sunnyvale is our expansive local knowledge. We’re based in Sunnyvale and have helped tow vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes across the city, throughout Santa Clara County, and beyond. Because we’re a local company we like to bring local values to the table. As such, you’ll find our services to be professional yet friendly. We’ll treat you the way you expect to be treated.
We’re also an honest, transparent tow provider. We believe in setting things out at the very beginning, so when you first call us, we can give you a free quote. Once we’ve given you a price, we stick to it. You can forget about the hidden costs. To find out more about our heavy-duty towing service or any of our other services, get in touch today.