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Expert Dolly Towing Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Although there are many different kinds of tow trucks and several methods of towing, all can be generally divided into two categories, the first is flatbed towing and the second dolly towing.
With flatbed towing the whole vehicle towed is hoisted onto one flat surface located at the back of the tow truck. All of the towed vehicle’s wheels lay on the flatbed and so no longer have any contact with the road.
With Dolly towing the towed vehicle is attached to the tow truck with only one end of it lifted off the ground. With this method of towing two of the towed vehicle’s wheels remain in contact with the road.

Expert Handling is Mandatory

Dolly towing must be handled by expert tow techs. Only techs who possess the necessary know-how and experience can handle both rigging up and maneuvering the tow truck through traffic with a vehicle in tow.
At Sunnyvale Towing and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates, we employ only extensively trained, certified, service-oriented tow techs. Our techs are just the type of professionals you want handling the dolly towing of your vehicle. You can rely on us to get your disabled vehicle to its designated destination safely as well as quickly.
We are always ready to spring into action, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Among Our 2s Hour Services:

Make Use of Dolly Towing Advantages

It is true that flatbed towing is considered a safe and simple way to tow. As such, it may very well be the method of choice on many occasions. But dolly towing does not lack advantages of its own. Dolly towing is ideal for light-duty, local towing jobs. Since the tow trucks used for dolly towing are smaller and less expensive to maintain than flatbed tow trucks, choosing to tow by dolly enables us to offer you better rates.

When you call on us at Sunnyvale towing to perform a dolly towing job, you can rest assured that the whole operation will be carried out flawlessly. Our expert techs know exactly what they are doing, thus, you can enjoy the advantages of dolly towing without fearing complications such as damage being inflicted on your car during hoisting, lowering or while on the route.

With Towing Sunnyvale you truly can get more for less. When you need a tow just call on us and enjoy top-class service for virtually unbeatable rates.