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Bad Weather Driving Advice by Towing Sunnyvale

During bad weather conditions, when driving around Sunnyvale, there are more than a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to ensure your and other people’s safety when you’re going down the road. Towing Sunnyvale provides you with some advice that you should keep in mind if you’re going out for a drive in bad weather.

1. Check your brakes before leaving the house.

What’s tricky about the road when it’s been raining for hours is that the road tends to be slick and wet with rain, or if it’s winter–slick and slippery with snow. Snow tends to be a lot more dangerous than rain when you’re driving down the road pretty fast, so before you leave the house, make sure your brakes are working and that they’re still pretty capable of stopping you when things suddenly do get out of hand and you find yourself skidding across the wet pavement.

2. Drive more slowly.

When there’s zero visibility on the way to wherever you’re going to, chances are you won’t be seeing any cars behind and in front of you (even those that are in the opposite lane) unless they have their headlights on. This is where you have to be extra careful, drive more slowly so as to reduce the risk of being shocked or surprised when cars “suddenly” appear. This is also good advice for when you need to make a sudden stop because you don’t have to exert the full force on your brakes.

3. Turn the hazard sign on.

Turning on your hazard light (this is when your headlights both start to blink continuously at the same time) signals other drivers that you’re taking extra caution and kind of justifies why you’re driving more slowly than usual. Chances are, other drivers are doing this too. This also makes other cars easier to spot when torrential rain or snow is falling.

3. Let your windshield wipers do their job.

Make sure that your windshield wipers are at their quickest pace to ensure that you’re still clearly seeing the road and where you’re going despite the rain.

 Final Advice

If you think that the weather might be too bad, consider staying at home instead so as to ensure that you won’t be in danger of getting into a car accident while on the road.